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Authors are invited to submit theoretical and empirical papers in all categories of business such as e-business, general management, international business, strategy, marketing, supply chain management, organization studies, entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation and human resource management. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather an indication of the areas of concern of the journal.

We welcome paper submissions on the basis that the material has not been published elsewhere. We also aim to develop a journal that will appeal to both business and management practitioners. On that basis, papers that include practical applications to any business and management field are welcomed.

We endeavour to provide rapid and informative feedback to authors. Our objective is to obtain reviews from referees within 10 weeks of the initial paper submission. For the author guidelines and for submitting an article please click here. We are looking forward to receiving quality submissions for our forthcoming volumes. In 2014 we received about 250 papers out of which we only accepted about 4%, after a rigorous double blind review process. All papers are available for free as we are an open access journal.


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Context Specific Complexity Management - A recommendation model for optimal corporate complexity

Schott, P., Horstmann, F., & Bodendorf, F.

Companies face emerging external complexities that they must respond to with internal complexity to be able to perform on a superior performance level. On that account, an application-oriented methodology to support the context specific selection of appropriate complexity management methods for accomplishing the optimal level of internal complexity is lacking. ...

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Interrelationships among Facets of Self, Motivation, and Conspicuous and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour

Nguyen, T., Ngamsiriudom, W., Pelton, L., & Dubinsky, A.

The current study focuses on a process the current researchers label intra-negotiation-which deals with resolution of an individual's potential conflict across facets of oneself-and its influence on two distinctly different kinds of consumption (one favouring consumption, the other reducing the import of it). Specifically, we explore the discrepancy between actual-, ...

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Listed firm's level of stakeholder transparency - The comply or explain evidence from the Danish corporate governance code

Rose, C.

This article analyzes how Danish listed firms comply with the Danish Corporate Governance Code's recommendations regarding the categories: Role of shareholders, role of stakeholders and transparency. It is shown that the number of recommendations can be explained by six different underlying factors which account for the vast majority of the ...

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Supply chain risk management enablers - A framework development through systematic review of the literature from 2000 to 2015

Kilubi, I., & Haasis, H.-D.

The present paper delivers a robust and systematic literature review (SLR) on supply chain risk management (SCRM) with the purpose to a) review and analyse the literature concerning definitions and research methodologies applied, to b) develop a classificatory framework which clusters existing enablers on SCRM, and to c) examine the ...

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Designing an AHP methodology to prioritize critical elements for product innovation: an intellectual capital perspective

Costa, R. V., & Ramos, A. P.

Intellectual capital has for the past decades been evidenced as an important source of competitive advantages and differentiation at the firm level. At the same time, innovation has become a critical factor for companies to ensure their sustainability and even their survival in a globalized business landscape. Having in mind ...

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The Effects of Collaboration on Logistical Performance and Transaction Costs

Vieira, J.G.V., Yoshizaki, H.T.Y, & Ho, L.L.

This paper assesses the effect of supplier-retailer collaboration on logistical performance and transaction costs from the viewpoint of retail sector suppliers. The methodology consists of an empirical study conducted over nine months in the logistics department of a large Brazilian supermarket retailer and a survey of 125 representatives of 90 manufacturers. The ...

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