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How to Transfer Operational Capabilities in Multinational Companies without Disclosure: Optimizing Decentralization and Information Richness in Times of Digitalization

Sommer, S.

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Abstract: Multinational companies simultaneously try to facilitate the internal transfers of operational capabilities without disclosing them to external stakeholders. To mitigate this tension, the decentralization of the decision-making and information richness of communication mechanisms are balancing parameters that can be regulated appropriately. Since digitalization has changed the coordination and interaction in intra-firm transfers, both balancing parameters need to be optimized. The present study examines how to adjust decentralization and information richness in times of digitalization by drawing on an exploratory single-case study approach in a German industry company. This research identified six sub-parameters set differently within the company's digital collaboration platform and video conference technology network.

Keywords: operational capabilities, capability transfer, capability protection, decentralization, information richness, digitalization, digital collaboration platform, video conference technology

Type: Research Paper // Submitted: 2022-06-05 // Published: 2022-08-18

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