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Artificial Leadership: Digital Transformation as a Leadership Task between the Chief Digital Officer and Artificial Intelligence

Kollmann, T., Kollmann, K., & Kollmann, N.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in all business areas and will have a significant impact on the associated business processes. This will be particularly the case where data is the basis for an improvement as well as an acceleration of the associated workflows, because it is precisely this ...

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The Effect of Leader's Emotional Intelligence and Role-Breadth Self-Efficacy on Proactive Behaviour at Work

Choeni,P., Babalola, S.S., & Nwanzu, C.L.

The literature makes it clear that there is a need for proactivity among employees for the effective functioning of an organisation. This study aimed to determine the effect of a leader's emotional intelligence (LEI) and role-breadth self-efficacy (RBSE) on proactive behaviour at work (PBW). The sample comprises 204 employees of selected ...

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High-Performance Work System and Employee Work Performance: A Moderated Mediation Model of Ambidextrous Leadership and Employee Ambidexterity

Ijigu, A.W., Alemu, A.E., & Kuhil, A.M.

The purpose of this study is to explore a moderated mediation model of ambidextrous leadership and employee ambidexterity in the relationship between a high-performance work system and employee work performance. A census approach is used to collect data from target employees. Hence, using a cross-sectional design, 387 non-supervisory sales representative employees ...

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The Role of Innovation Resistance and Technology Readiness in the Adoption of QR Code Payments Among Digital Natives: A Serial Moderated Mediation Model

Ashrafi, D.M., & Easmin, R.

Recent literature on the QR code payment system has called for further research on the adoption of QR codes as a payment tool among digital natives. In response to this call, this study investigates the influence of perceived value on digital natives' attitudes and trust in fostering their intention to ...

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Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and the Customer Experience in Digital Payments: A Meta-Analysis Review

Agarwal, S., Malik, P., & Gautam, S.

The meta-analysis of studies has become useful in the development of knowledge in the banking sector, producing important theoretical contributions to future research agendas. To generate theoretical contributions to the study of banking digital payment services, this research is a type of desk research based on a literature review of ...

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Impact of Consumer Inertia on Mobile Commerce Adoption under the Influence of Market Isomorphism Effects

Hui, T.C., & Marikan, D.A.b.A.

This study examines consumer mobile commerce adoption through consumer adoption behaviour from intention to use into adoption under the influence of consumer inertia and market isomorphism. The presence of inertia elements could naturally act as an inhibiting agent in adopting consumer technological systems. With increasing social networking media, which resulted ...

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How to Transfer Operational Capabilities in Multinational Companies without Disclosure: Optimizing Decentralization and Information Richness in Times of Digitalization

Sommer, S.

Multinational companies simultaneously try to facilitate the internal transfers of operational capabilities without disclosing them to external stakeholders. To mitigate this tension, the decentralization of the decision-making and information richness of communication mechanisms are balancing parameters that can be regulated appropriately. Since digitalization has changed the coordination and interaction in ...

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Aspects of Human Capital Management and Employee Job Performance: The Mediation Role of Employee Engagement

Desta, A.G., Tadesse, W.M., & Mulusew, W.B.

This study examined the effect of selected aspects of human capital management on employee job performance and the mediating role of employee engagement in the Ethiopian banking sector. This study reports the responses of 426 respondents from twelve banking institutions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, drawing on the social exchange theory and ...

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