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The Current State and Future Trajectory of the Sharing Economy: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective

Davlembayeva, D., Abbas, R., Laffey, D., Michael, K., & Papagiannidis, S.

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Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has had a transformative impact on social and economic value, as well as the role of mediating technology and regulation driving participation in the sharing economy. Considering the consequences that such transformations entail, in this paper, we provide a multi-stakeholder perspective of the pandemic's impact on sharing economy enablers and drivers, and the resulting short and long-term implications for customers, providers, platform companies, and policymakers. Through the amalgamation and exploration of these multiple perspectives, we then present a roadmap of the key research themes, considerations, and policy gaps, supplemented with insights contributing toward the vision for a sustainable sharing economy. The comprehensive overview provided in this paper offers multiple avenues for future research across social, economic, technological, and regulatory domains.

Keywords: sharing economy, stakeholders, sharing economy drivers, covid-19, pandemic, regulation, roadmap, sustainable

Type: Editorial // Submitted: 2024-01-22 // Published: 2024-01-25

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