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Mobile Banking Adoption: A Closer Look at the Role of Online Convenience Dimensions

Tomasi,M., & M. I.

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Abstract: The main focus of the study was two-fold: 1) identifying the most important online convenience factors that financial institutions should prioritize to encourage consumers to adopt mobile banking, and 2) understanding how the role of these factors differs within the context of developing countries. This presents a distinctive perspective on mobile banking in developing countries whose customers have limited knowledge of mobile banking functionality compared to those in developed economies. The study involved 274 participants from Uganda. The results reveal that convenience in terms of access, transactions, and possession/post-possession significantly and positively impacts consumers' intentions to adopt mobile banking. It was also found that customers' intentions to adopt mobile banking play a crucial role in driving adoption and usage. However, convenience factors related to search and evaluation were not found to significantly impact consumer intent to adopt mobile banking. Overall, this study provides valuable insights for financial managers in developing economies and contributes to the existing body of banking literature.

Keywords: mobile banking, online convenience, online convenience dimensions, mobile banking adoption intention, mobile banking adoption

Type: Research Paper // Submitted: 2023-06-24 // Accepted: 2024-03-07 // Published: 2024-03-09

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