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Stimulators and Barriers to Coopetition in Non-Commercial Entities - Case Study of Cultural Institutions

Juszczyk, P.

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Abstract: Research on the stimulators and barriers to establishing and developing coopetition has so far been conducted in management literature mainly from the perspective of enterprises. Although the subject of management in the cultural sector has for several decades been attracting more and more interest from researchers and practitioners operating in this field, interest has rarely been shown in the area of coopetition, while analysis has never been conducted into the stimulating factors and barriers to coopetition among cultural institutions. Taking into account the specificity of the functioning of non-commercial organizations, including the context of such organizations’ activities in the field of culture, as well as the growing role of public and non-profit organizations in the economy, the aim of this article is to identify the stimulators and barriers to establishing and developing coopetition in non-commercial organizations based on the example of cultural institutions. The research results are the product of qualitative field research conducted among 42 museums in Poland. Based on the research, 18 stimulators and 11 barriers to establishing and developing coopetition among cultural institutions were identified.

Keywords: coopetition, non-commercial entities, cultural institutions, cultural sector, stimulators of coopetition, barriers of coopetition

Type: Research Paper // Submitted: 2023-03-21 // Published: 2023-11-13

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