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The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Innovative Behaviour: The Mediating Role of Innovative Climate and Person-Organization Fit

Nham, T.C., Nguyen-Viet, B., & Dang, H.P.

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Abstract: The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of transformational leadership on employees' innovative work behaviour, alongside the mediating role of innovative climate and person-organization fit. A questionnaire, designed as a self-reported survey, was distributed to full-time employees working in two prominent state-owned corporations in Vietnam, namely Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and PetroVietnam (PVN). Data were collected from 255 employees and analyzed by Smart PLS software 4. The findings revealed that all three proposed antecedents significantly impacted innovative behaviour. Notably, while an innovative climate significantly impacted person-organization fit, no statistical evidence exists to confirm the relationship between transformational leadership and person-organization fit.

Keywords: transformational leadership, innovative climate, person-organization fit, innovative behaviour

Type: Research Paper // Submitted: 2023-06-18 // Published: 2023-11-04

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