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Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and the Customer Experience in Digital Payments: A Meta-Analysis Review

Agarwal, S., Malik, P., & Gautam, S.

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Abstract: The meta-analysis of studies has become useful in the development of knowledge in the banking sector, producing important theoretical contributions to future research agendas. To generate theoretical contributions to the study of banking digital payment services, this research is a type of desk research based on a literature review of secondary data. The present study provides a meta-analysis of the generalizations in the relationships between the antecedents (functional quality, perceived value, trust, perceived risk, and service quality) and consequences of customer experience and satisfaction with digital payment services. The study conducted a weight analysis, in which the above -mentioned antecedents were considered for meta-analysis to see the impact on customer experience and satisfaction separately. According to the findings of this study, functional quality, perceived value, trust, perceived risk, and service quality are significant antecedents of customer experience and satisfaction toward digital payments in banks. Further, it has been found that the strongest indicator of consumer satisfaction is service quality, while trust is essential for both a pleasant customer experience and satisfaction. The study offers insights into how these antecedents improve the functionality of customers, their experience, and satisfaction. This meta-analysis study contributes to the existing literature by offering a set of empirical generalizations, including relationship coefficients and weight analysis.

Keywords: functional quality, perceived value, trust, service quality, perceived risk

Type: Research Paper // Submitted: 2021-06-15 // Published: 2022-11-10

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