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Exploring How the Characteristics of Live Streaming Affect Impulse Buying Behaviour in Live Streaming Commerce: The Mediating Effect of Trust and Flow Experience

Hoang, V.T., & Dang, H.P.

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Abstract: This research aims to examine the effect of the characteristics of live streaming on consumers' impulsive buying behaviour. The study adopts the stimulus-organism-response theory (S-O-R), as a theoretical framework. The study used a self-administered questionnaire for data collection. The respondents were 291 viewers who had of in watching live streaming. The data was analyzed using the partial least squares structural equation model (PLS-SEM) technique with SmartPLS software. The results show that social presence and entertainment positively affect consumers' flow experience and trust, while personalization only affects trust but not flow experience; both flow experience and trust have positive effects on impulsive purchase and play a mediating role on the relationships between social presence, entertainment, and impulsive buying behaviour. The findings of this study extend existing theoretical research on live streaming commerce and provide some practical implications for streamers and e-retailers.

Keywords: livestream characteristics, flow experience, trust, impulsive buying, livestream

Type: Research Paper // Submitted: 2023-11-19 // Accepted: 2024-04-29 // Published: 2024-05-17

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