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(In)justice contexts and work satisfaction: The mediating role of justice perceptions

Silva, M.R. Caetano, A. & Zhou, Q.

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Abstract: This study explores the impact of the social context, namely (in)justice climate and target, in workers' justice perceptions and satisfaction. Individual's justice judgments are expected to mediate the relationship of (in)justice climate and target with work satisfaction. We found mediation effects of procedural justice in the relationship between justice climate and satisfaction, and interactional justice in the relationship between injustice target and satisfaction. Distributive justice does not affect the relationship between the (in)justice context and satisfaction. Findings demonstrate the relevance of framing organizational justice in a socially contextualized perspective since they seem to influence individual justice reactions and work attitudes. Using an experimental methodology, it was possible to explore the role of seldom studied contextual variables.

Keywords: organisational justice, social context, justice climate, justice target, work satisfaction, mediation

Type: Research Paper // Published: 2012-08-12

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